Fees and Uniforms

Fees/Additioinal Costs

In addition to tuition parents should consider these additional costs of Christ Academy:

  • Registration: $150.00 (non-refundable)
  • Field trips, camping, fencing , equipment and books
  • Uniforms (both school and physical education)

We attempt to keep both our cost and fees to a reasonable amount.

Uniform/Dress Code

Christ Academy strives to set high standards in academic and moral conduct.  An important aspect of achieving that goal is for students to view their educational duties as their calling before God.  All students will wear uniforms–at appropriate events–in order to foster a serious attitude toward their responsibilities. Modesty, neatness and personal hygiene are encouraged at all times.

Hems and necklines must be modest. Hairstyles for boys and girls should be simple, neat, and not faddish; moderation in appearance and length is the rule.  Boys should be clean shaven. Makeup and accessories should be non-distracting, not drawing undue attention to the individual. No hats or caps are to be worn inside any building. Jewelry is discouraged but should be worn under clothing if worn. Specific Christ Academy dress code standards can be obtained from the administrator.

The administration remains the final authority on the acceptability of the student’s dress.

Most dress code items can be acquired at Walmart, Forman Mills  or Flynn and O’Hara Uniforms