Educational Philosophy

“The object of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful.” -Plato, The Republic

Christ Academy is a classical Christian school school. We seek to cultivate virtue and wisdom in the lives of our students. Rather than merely preparing our students for the work force, we focus on forming the intellectual, moral and spiritual character of our students. Ultimately, we want our students to better know, glorify and enjoy God.

As a classical school, Christ Academy seeks to give students a thorough understanding of the great ideas and great minds through the study of great books of Western Civilization.

As a Christian school, Christ Academy seeks to integrate all teaching in Christ. All subjects are brought into harmony through the understanding that Christ is the Creator, Preserver and Redeemer of all life. The Scriptures give us meaning and ultimate purpose to all we study. We want our students to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Christ Academy believes in studying key subjects in depth rather than too many in a hasty manner. We oppose the premature specialization or meaningless generalization of the curriculum. Therefore, our curriculum does not offer electives, but offers what we believe is necessary for Christian young people to be truly educated.

Our Academic Goals

  1. To provide the best educational opportunities through a classical curriculum by teaching – What one ought to know, How to think Critically, How to Communicate Clearly.
  2. To teach those things which Christians ought to know and believe to his soul’s health.
  3. To nourish the soul on wisdom and virtue by a study of the great works and minds of Western Civilization, thereby cultivating in the students, by word and example, character and godly living in order to take dominion as leaders in the world under the banner of Christ.
  4. To equip our students to excel as Christ’s servants throughout the world in whatever vocation God has called them unto.

Steven Hoops,

Headmaster of High School




*Photo credit: profzucker via / CC BY-NC-SA